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17 Feb 2002

Painting, graphics

This time we present the third part of Myths of Alexandre Kalugin: paintings and drawing. On these art-works we can see different scenes from the life of wonderful people where the fantastic life was mixed with real one, ancient time was mixed with modernity. Grotesque, irony, mix of time and character sign systems. The World of A. Kalugin is the Theatre of the absurd, managed by the author. The typical Russian World where Russian man always dreams about future wonderful life.

A. Kalugin started his exhibition activity in the first half of 1970s. He participated in the first informal Moscow exhibitions - In the Izmaylovskiy Park and Pavilion of Culture in VDNKH (1974), in the flat exhibitions (1972-1982). But since 1972 he started to exhibit his art-works abroad. The first exhibition in Russia after the long time took place in 1994 in Gallery "Fine Art".

Irina Filatova

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