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23 Dec 2001

Painting, graphics

Dmitriy Alekseev, Lavrentiy Bruni, Nikolay Vechtomov, Aleksandre Vinogradov and Vladimir Dubosarskiy, Igor Vulokh, Igor Snegur, Gor Chakhal.

"Holidays" is a bright energetic exhibition with the actual contemporary idea. The Russian traditional proverb "Every day is a holiday!" is true for this period as two Christmases (Orthodox and Catholic) and two New Years are coming to be celebrated in Russia.

"The joy" is the name of Gor Chakhal's series of art-works. Peculiar bunch of flowers by Dmitriy Alekseev and flower fields by Lavrentiy Bruni are associated with Gardens of Semiramide. The canvases of Dubosarskiy and Vinogradov full of Summer bliss and bright Sun. Refined and mystical canvases of Igor Snegur remind us pagan time of fortune-telling. At last the bright abstract landscapes of Igor Vulokh and Nikolay Vechtomov full of beauty and eternity of the nature.

Irina Filatova

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"Fine Art" Gallery was established in 1992. Director - Marina Obraztsova, curator - Irina Filatova. Gallery deals with contemporary art - painting, graphics, sculpture, photography, video installations.

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