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6.11 - 05/12/2014


This project i dedicated to my artist profession. P. Polyansky

This project "Favorite painter" the author has dedicated to his profession.
Artist - is the central figure of each presented paintings, and besides this is Lady, young, cheerful, without any doubt on her face.
Pavel Polansky, when engaged in creative work, was also a teacher, he taught painting and drawing students of Art College.

Pavel says: "After seven years being a teacher and with subsequent dismissal and moving to the countryside, it seems to me there is nothing else I could portray, because my memories of working and thinking about my social status were still alive. I think, that i stopped loving artists and decided, that again could fall in love with artist in the way I portrayed him in this series of works- such a crazy girl, which is not familiar with the creativity flours.

If we compare the picture of the artist with his thoughts, then we will understand that the author is disingenuous. His characters embody the intended image. Proud, dignified girl, whose shapes differ vitality and dynamism, their sensuality, artist, emphasizes with images of simple herbs or snowflakes.
Irina Filatova.

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