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30 Mar 2013

Festival “Fashion and style in photography”

Serge Golovach. LIKE. LIFE

Photography. Interactive project. 11.03 -30.03.2013

Project of the Fine Art Gallery. The opening of exhibition: 11th of March 18:00-21:00 p.m.

"Chukchi had "likes" long before Facebook"

Chukchi's idiom

In Russian language the word "likes" used to have only one meaning which was a name of Eskimo dogs. But now very few people among the community of internet users associate this word with cute creatures who have tales, paws and intelligent blue eyes. Not many people will also translate the name of this exhibition "Like. Life" literally. We unconsciously started living in two different worlds: the real one and the virtual one. Social networks, chats, live journals and blogs easily substituted direct contacts between people. Nevertheless, every contact even through the cyberspace is important for an artist and for an art gallery. Every "like" is a quick response, a sign that people hear you, see you, that you are needed and interesting to them. Photoartist Serge Golovach whose projects reflect his original views on the problems of corporality, gender relationships, etc. and who is also known by social and charity projects, represents the series of 50 photochromes. The exhibits were chosen by the author from photos that he had made during his journeys in april 2012- january 2013. The artist placed every new photo on Instagram and Facebook for collecting likes and comments. The information about the amount of likes and comments for each photo will be also presented in the exhibition. The gallery downloaded this series of photos on it's account on Facebook so that internet visitors could also like them and participate. If you don't really like a photo, you don't need to put "like" on it.

Some photos of the project may cause controversy. For example, on the photo №21 the author of this text sees two participants of the Russian young activist's movement "Nashi" supported by Kremlin (it can be translated in English as "Ours"), who swear allegiance to the chosen political path near the portrait of the leader of the revolution. Perhaps, someone will perceive this photo as a propaganda of political views-it is up to the audience.

A photo № 43 was taken in a Berlin's bar "Green door" in the red corner of which Golovach saw an art object- a Barbie doll crucified. German Catholics and Protestants enjoy drinking beer under this "icon" considering it as a metaphor of how easy a game in violence can turn into real violence. In the exhibition people will also laugh at homosexual dogs with an artist Andrey Bartenev on the photo №45 or at a piano in bushes(photo № 27) and at an advertising car under the signboard "Prezervativnaya" ("The Condom's shop") on Myasnitskaya Street in Moscow(№ 49).

Irina Filatova

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