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27 May 2011




Irina Drozd is an artst from Saint - Peterburg, a new name in "Fine Art" Gallery. In the centre of her works are children. This theme in art is a very ungrateful thing. Beautiful kids are touching, abused or humiliated kids send shock wave through a spectator, and in both cases artistic imagery is suppressed by reality. But in pictures by Irina Drozd everything is in a different way, though her kids are beautiful, they are not touchy, they make us disquiet, make us think.

Shining beauty, touched with a veil of mystique, perfection of human bodies, faces, which are unreachable for even the most skilful sculptors, majestic divines - creators of perfect beauty - this is a world of mode, and this world is depicted on the canvases of Irina Drozd. Is there any girl who is not dreaming to become a part of this world? It seems to be so near. But so few of them are lucky enough, and so many are disappointed.

Media spaces are full of wonderful stories about star lives of famous models, and only sometimes some tragic or scandal news are published, and we can see that the inside is not as fantastic as the outside. But there is a sphere of mode, that everybody keeps silence about. This is using kids, even very small kids, in modelling. These children are central personages of Drozd's project. They are beautiful but not touching. Adult make - up, forced adult coquetry, poses, grimaces, cold, hard and tired eyes on children's faces evokes sensation of pathology. Adults make them live unchildish lives, do unchildish work. Ambitious mothers and grandmothers, feeling displeased with their lives, try to actualize themselves with the help of their children. But what is the future of these kids? What their mind can go through? The artist sees here a huge social problem, which she states by her visual means.

But no problem, brought by scanty means, could inspire us. Irina's pictures are excellent. In central figures of kids white color dominates and makes them look clear and bright. Auxiliary personages are dark shades without detailed faces and clothes. Common background for all pictures is an open red color. Dualism is attached to Drozd's visual language and to her personages as well. Red color is a synonym to a word "beautiful", but on the other hand red color is known to be a color of worries, of blood, of fight. The artist tries to make us think.

Irina Drozd graduated Academy of arts and design in 2009 in Saint - Petersburg, in 2007 she studied for 6 months in High Art School in Berlin. She takes part in exhibitions in Russia and abroad since 2006. A member of Saint - Petersburg group "Unbowed 17".

Irina Filatova.

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