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03 Apr 2011

Fests are often associated with childhood, when you have been looking forward to see the Christmas tree and presents under it, or when you with your mother were painting eggs for Easter, when sitting on your father's shoulders, surrounded with flags, balloons and happy people, listening to the loud music you were moving with 1st of May demonstration. But this simplicity is just a vision. Every nation and every country has its own system of Festivals, which is official and obligatory. The first of such fests, that was established by Sinai government, was Saturday in the culture of ancient Jews. Saturday was a seventh day of a week, and it was connected with the creation, when God, after creating the world in 6 days, saw, that it was good, and had rest. Sunday became this kind of a day for Christian culture, it was a first day of a week, connected with Christ Resurrection. Besides Fests, connecting with sacral sphere, there exist also society, governmental and personal fests, that seem to be less of divine essence. But all the festivals are united by common features: every fest means peace, freedom from work and problems, when the time around you seems to be frozen, stopped. Every Fest is a kind of canonized event, with its own attributes and rituals . The Artist is mostly attracted by similarity in the sphere of emotions. Peace here is a feeling of eternity, blessed peace, that evokes glad and cheerful expectation, the hope, that new life lacking in problems and mistakes is setting in, and all illness is left in previous, past life. Fests are distinguished from common days by the special, ecstatic state of mind, happiness, excitement, love, ardor. Shorin regards Festivals as a sacral process and hopes to create the icons of modern world in his own forms.

In 2008 Shorin had his personal exhibition in Governmental Russian Museum. The new project he is going to represent in Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art in 2011.

Irina Filatova

"Fine Art" Gallery was established in 1992.

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"Fine Art" Gallery was established in 1992. Director - Marina Obraztsova, curator - Irina Filatova. Gallery deals with contemporary art - painting, graphics, sculpture, photography, video installations.

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