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06 Feb 2017

Historic pictures. Painting, graphics. 13.02 – 8.03.2017


Mikhail Yermolov says about the Park to his memory: "My Park is a special world, where anything could be found: the swings, merry-go-rounds, fountains, a skating rink, hot bagels, pavilions, a Ferris wheel, lemonade, clowns, pigeons, benches, beer and sausages, little horses, cotton candy, airplanes, flower beds, garbage cans, toys, hotdogs, music, fun, candy, a shooting range, films, balloons, statues, green house, etc."
It's a nostalgic project about childhood, which lives in us till the end of our days. The childhood without gadgets, the Internet, mobile phones, camcorders, computer games, etc. About games of children in the yards – from morning till night without adults’ supervision, secret slips to the movies with their favorite heroes, who they wanted to copy. And visits to a circus with the clown Karandash, Sunday walks with parents in parks, riding on the Ferris wheel, bike competitions, tobogganing. And wooden horses and other small toys, often homemade, crudely painted, but your favorite? Of course, it is the memory of the generation of grandfathers and not so young fathers. We remember the nostalgic documentaries by A. Gabrilovich “Yards of our childhood”, the “Movies of our childhood”, the “Football of our childhood”, and so on. This project can also be called “Paintings of our childhood”. On the contrary, today's young generation will recall how adults guided them holding by the hand until they became grown-ups, to what countries they travelled together with their parents in summer, how they learned languages by exchange, etc. Virtual reality and real life are inseparable, and they will learn about games un the yard, cops and robbers, 12 sticks, and many others if they read it in books. “Everything passes”, as king Solomon told us.
Paintings are antique simulacra, and the exhibition title has a two-fold meaning or an ironic message. The Park of memory, and culture, and amusement. As if time took culture to the past with it. The artist seems to respond in a modern conceptual language to the campaign against modern art, closing of exhibitions at the request of anonymous bullies, destructing Museum exhibits, and attacking artists and writers for which nobody is punished. Time is continuous, as is continuous changing history of art.
Mikhail Yermolov was born in 1955, he has exhibited his works since 1980, they can be seen in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Modern Art Toyama, Japan, the Museum of Contemporary Art Lahti, Finland, Poster Museum Essen, Germany, Film Museum, Moscow, Museum of the University of Colorado, USA, in private collections. He was awarded medals and diplomas at various international exhibitions.

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