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22 Nov 2016


08.12 – 26.12.2016

We won’t see a war on the canvases. So, what is the exhibition about? Pavel Polyansky says: “The term “war” in the title of the exhibition bears suppositive character. This term emphasizes the difference between the sexes, ages, social status, the different places of life, for instance, village, city, polar region. A war means here for me the struggle of contradictions, conflicts of diverse areas, that contact with each other and then create our imperfect, and sometimes comical being.”

Thus, the main subject of the exhibition is the demonstration of the world’s duality. It is expressed in a combination of opposites that are responsible for our diversity. Each artwork consists of two parts, which can be described as yin and yang. One part is painting, presenting the real world – yin. Another part looks like a cartoon drawing. This part represents another world, which is more attractive – yang. This kind of technique matches with comics, which is characterized by three elements – the hero, journey, and fantasy. Each painting is a narrative. Nevertheless, we can combine them together into a novel. The first place of actions (yin) is a village with a garden, river, and fields. The another world (yang) is a world of dreams, fantasies, and heroes. Children see themselves as heroes from cartoons, fairy tales or computer games. Adults are transferred into another world but with familiar elements from the reality. This forms a funny and absurd mix of objects of different cultures, religions and usual life.

Aesthetically flawless, the new artworks by Pavel Polyansky remind comics by its technique. In spite of the seriousness of the concept, thanks to project’s irony and humor, we want to call it: “The funny Yin and Yang by Pavel Polyansky.”

Irina Filatova

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