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28 Sep 2016


Painting. 10.10 - 10.11.2016

In moving the rook – an iambic meter,
in moving the bishop – an anapest.
Half-dance, half-deliberation.

(Here and then, V. Nabokov "Three Chess Sonnets", 1924


Throughout the whole history, a chess game was always full of passion, intrigue, bans and it is easy to grow heated during the first round. Nevertheless, it is also an intellectual, logical mind games. We can observe that chess enthralls different spaces of art, literature and poetry. Belyavskaya thinks about chess: "Black, but white, a very popular game, but at the same time, it is an elitе game. There is a clear logic and tactic but in a mix with passion and suddenness...about the contrasts in chess we can talk endlessly, it contains a lot of contradictions and that is why it is so exciting and interesting for the artist. If I had only one phase to describe the nature of chess, I would say that this is the favorite game of Venetian courtesans and Indian ascetics".


On her canvases Katya Belyavskaya plays chess. The chess player can find the answers to her tasks, the endgame. Her pieces are not just look like alive, they spin in a furious dance (for instance, "The Death of a White Horse", "Black"). Pawns-ballerinas are exercising at the barre ("Royal Pawns - Black"), they are depicted as tense and thrilling "Before the Game - Before the Battle", but ready to enter the scene of the 64 squares. V. Nabokov: "There are thrashing rhymes and dancers with wings / within such puzzling schemes". Vladimir Nabokov, a skilled chess player, saw in chess dance and the rigidity of the poem size, the fly of rhyme and dancers with wings.


Ekaterina Belyavskaya views chess game between man and woman as a marital dance. Passionate as a tango, and perfect as a ballet. V. Nabokov "adjusting here a pawn, here a rook, / meditate upon the problem ’til dawn. / And I locked down her defense / the entire night, all of her cries, / and dark the branches, and bright the arcs of flowing stars...". E. Belyavskaya: "For all its logic, chess has always been very sexy, as all mind games. When the players are man and woman, the game transforms into the dance full of passion as tango. Thus, I have decided to draw "a ballet in a pictures". We already have "novel in verse", then we must have a ballet in pictures".


These comparisons are not accidental. It impresses, how the poet and the writer Vladimir Nabokov and the artist Ekaterina Belyavskaya are mutual and close in their attitude to chess. Katya Belyavskaya before and during her work on this project has never read before "Three Chess Sonnets", but without any doubt we can see the similarity of interpretations with the time interval nearly 100 years! The brain researcher Natalya Bekchtereva assumes that thoughts are not created in the human brain, but soar in the air and a man brain catches these ideas and thoughts. Two creative individuals caught in different time, different centuries similar thoughts and created their own artworks. Can't we say that this is a confirmation of the hypothesis of N. Bekchtereva?


The viewer can be surprised, when he will notice chocolates (fabricated in "Red October"), milk, etc. - all subjects are from the Soviet Union. Nonetheless, after some time, the smart viewer will see in these subjects a tactful reminder of the artist about the Great Soviet chess school. Meanwhile, "fairy rhyme manifests itself on the board, / shimmering in lacquer, / and – ethereal – soars into a whorl".


Irina Filatova

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