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22 Aug 2016

Two painters belong to various generations and have different creative philosophy. Nevertheless their paintings are perfectly combined in one exhibition. The bright palette, fabulousness of plots and images, theatricality and decorative effect of works distinguish art language of both masters.

Alexander Savko: «I think that irony is the most important tool of the artist». The master of irony, grotesque and absurdity, he shows a cycle of pictures called "Suprematist Tragedy", which are painted in fantastic stylistics of Ivan Bilibin. The artistic method of A. Savko consists in placing of famous heroes of a mass culture in other esthetic and historical environment, also popular and recognizable. In characters of the represented pictures the viewer easily recognizes Alyonushka with her brother Ivanushka, three maidens, Koshchey, the Tsar and other heroes of Russian fairytales in Bilibin`s illustrations. All characters are quite specific; they are fighting against something dangerous, dynamic, vorticose, against some abstract forms. It is not clear what is it, but it is an enemy! The heroes of the represented pictures are dressed in Russian suits of the XVII century, they protect "primordially Russian phenomenon – suprematism" * from invasion and influence of an "enemy" - the western glamour. Doesn`t it remind of the eternal aspiration of Russians to find the external enemy, without trying to look around?

*Suprematism –  abstract art movement which was invented and developed by K. Malevich and his followers.

Alexander Savko was born in 1957 in Bender (Moldova), graduated from the Odessa theatrical and art school. Living and working in Moscow. Its works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery collection, in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, in the Cultural Foundation “Ekaterina”, in famous private collections. Nominee of the Kandinsky Prize (2007), participant of the international Biennale of contemporary art, set of exhibitions and projects, fairs, auctions, etc.

Kate Belyavskaya: « I think that artist has to be unarmed before a viewer in the artistic statements».Belyavskaya used her "branded" stylistics consisting of combination of classical plots with deliberately expressed esthetics of comics and elements of youth club culture. In such stylistics Kate Belyavskaya presented the story of Little Red Riding Hood on the Kandinsky Prize in 2007. She became the nominee of this competition and got into the short-list in nomination "the best young artist". There are two paintings from this series at the exhibition - №6 and №8. In the pictures three Little Red Riding Hoods - the grandmother, the daughter and the granddaughter. Each of them met the wolf and this meeting had the saddest consequences for him. The work "Lel, my Lel" is devoted to the temptation and desires arising between a man and a woman. It continues a series of mythological works such as "Night on Ivan Kupala" (or "Midsummer Night's Dream").

Five paintings – “Cat, poplar and mitten”, “Traveling fans”, “Ikebana with spring onions” etc. – belong to the project “Russian-Japanese world”. Each canvas represents surprisingly organic, natural confluence of two cultures –  Japanese and Russian with its stylistics of traditional methods of graphic and applied art. The impulse of this project took the beginning in the artist's childhood, when she felt delight, having received Japanese toys as a gift for the first time. Two patterns from the Space series are two antipodes. "War of the worlds" is filled with hate, grief, tears and weapon. At the same time, space without weapon, but with "Unearthly love" is beautiful.

Kate Belyavskaya was born in Moscow in 1981. Ended the Central Saint Martin College of Art of Design (London, 2002), participated in educational project La Fabrique (Milan. 2001-2002). Her works are in the exposition of Checkpoint Charlie Museum (Berlin), in private collections. Belyavskaya`s illustrations to the books for children became popular worldwide because of the book fairs.

Irina Filatova, Marina Obraztsova

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