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05 May 2016

FRAMAntic or FRAME-antic

Drawings, objects, 23.05. – 23.06.2016

This project appeared with the element of randomness. Once the artist has been presented with two magnificent empty frames, they concentrated attention on a piece of a white wall inside. Gradually the fragment of emptiness in a frame got sense of light infinite space of the boundless world. "Frame of total emptiness" – that is how Timofey Smirnov formulated the concept of his project. In this context frame is regarded in metaphysical way of a window as an exit from the author to the three-dimensional world behind the window-frame. But what is emptiness? It can be considered as «something» and «nothing». Emptiness exists in author`s works – solid, black, and bottomless, and absolute whiteness, which are full of meanings. Let us look at these works as a motion from black to white, from darkness to light. There is a row of pictures: Suitcase mood Hour Ы2→ Valentine→ M&W → Private life 2 Fabergé ku-k → Solarization → Portrait FED → Door to Europe→ Coquette→ Morning in the forest. The first two works materialize our imagined metaphysical movement. We observe absolutely white emptiness only in the internal drawn frame of the latest work, although the sorrounding wood between external and internal frames turns this emptiness into the light flowing on us from trees. In all other works the author "appropriates" the emptiness of a standard sheet, filling it with images of cultural memory, the past, reminiscence and vital realities. 

1. Тимофей Смирнов Чемоданное настроение 2016 объект краскаэмаль 55х35 см. Рисунок бумагакарандаш 34х28 см2. Тимофей Смирнов Час Ы2 2016 бумагакарандаш 90x60 см4. Тимофей Смирнов Валентинка 2016 объект- сталь 40х40 см. Рисунок бумагакарандаш 10х15 см3. Тимофей Смирнов М и Ж 2016 бумагакарандаш70х40 см5. Тимофей Смирнов Частная жизнь 2016 бумагакарандаш 90х60 см6. Тимофей Смирнов Фаберже ку-ку 2016 бумагакарандаш  50Х40 см7. Тимофей Смирнов Соляризация 2016 бумагакарандаш 48х48 см8. Тимофей Смирнов Портрет ФЭД 2016 бумагакарандаш изображение в круге 33х33 см паспарту цифровая печать 60х90 см10. Тимофей Смирнов Кокетка 2016  холсткарандаш 45х37см11. Тимофей Смирнов Утро в лесу 2016 холсткарандаш 50х50 см

Рainting №3 - heart made of steel frames the drawing, we can see it as we open the door - entrance to the author`s world. Door is an entrance, window-frame is a way out. In the picture №5 its internal space is filled with black opaque emptiness, dissected by a narrow strip of a white paper with drawing. Thus appears an illusion of the open window, which shutters don't reflect pictures of the outside world, it looks like inner blackness stucked to them. Images of dreams and  heavenly bliss are placed to the white field of paper. Comprehending "emptiness", the artist intentionally devoted two works №7 and №8 to pre-digital photography, because manipulating optical density with a method of solarization it is possible to receive transparent outline drawings. In this case emptiness of a standard sheet and  images merge in one lightful space. Special topic of the project - a frame in a frame (№8 – 11), internal frame creates a picture in a picture effect, marks out the main author`s image. Simultaneously these works could be read out as a window in a window, full of random memories. That is why the Eiffel Tower over a railway tunnel and fir-trees on each side is depicted in the picture №9. Having devoted the project to relations between the frame and emptiness, Timofey Smirnov reports: "It's like THAT. Having called and not having told, I DO see a combination of a frame and the world, emptiness and fullness, maintenance and decor. Shortly, andnotclear...".

Irina Filatova

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