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11 Apr 2016


Painting. 20.04 – 20.05.2016



Korshunov`s artistic statement is based on interpenetration of child and adult worlds with the help of images. Beloved Teddy bear (painting «Teddy bear») has two various eyes, one of them is a video camera eyepiece, watching a child. Korshunov turned harmless cute toy into the  symbol of total control of adult`s world, where a child lives. A bunch of colored plastic keys («Keys») – is not only a baby toy, it is an image of children's programming consciousness, signs of different religions are depicted on these keys. Usually family or a cultural environment determinates to which religion a child should belong. The idea of  searching for life's journey, beginning in childhood,  is contained in the image of a toy house with many doors («House»), because it is necessary to find a key to each door. The picture «Wrappers», where the antique vase with a heap of wrappers from candies is depicted, has double meaning. For children it is a wrappers gambling, for grown-ups - it is a trumpery of false values, depreciation of traditions. Where are the babies come from? Of course, they are found in cabbage - reports the big head of cabbage with a baby diapers inside, painted on a gilded background.

Often we want to repeat or prolong happy moments of life, to fulfill children`s desires, experiencing pure baby`s delight. The bouquet of teddy bears in a jar with water («Bouquet ») symbolizes absurdity, naivety of such desires. Composition with old darkened newspapers («Breaking news») reminds about rapid mutability of living. Everything, that seemed super-important yesterday, today is just a garbage.

Nine new canvas of Ivan Korshunov immerse us into the field of magnificent painting again. The painter uses old-time three-layer technique, as he did before. Author believes, that this method organically combines with the philosophy of his art. So if we are not given to experience the joy of childhood once more, then get the pleasure of meeting with a beautiful is quite accessible to us.  

                                                                                                                        Irina Filatova


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