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24 Mar 2016

   1.APOLLO. I REPENT. The project includes 4 monochrome photos.  Its concept is based on  Ancient Greek myth "Daphne and Apollo". Apollo, wounded by arrow of the Eros, falls in love with the beautiful nymph Daphne, but she vowed innocence, that is why she rejects Apollo`s love. Apollo enraged by refusal chases her, but at this moment Daphne is turning into a fine tree of laurels, and Apollo holds in his hands only a heap of laurel leaves. Using this allegory author wants to show the process of a person`s growing - transformation of a teenager into a man, who is responsible for his actions. At first time on the photo Apollo looks like an offended adolescent, he is angry as something, sharply desirable, have unfairly taken away from him. Then on Apollo's face appears repentance and regret, he has realized what he did, but it`s too late, and though Apollo's head is crowned with the victorious laurel wreath, his grief remains.

   2. TOMATO`S DIARY.  The project presents color photos: portraits, in which people`s faces are replaced by vegetables. Each portrait reflects the mood peculiar to human, and all together they show change of these moods.    

   3. «9». The project consists of 8 monochrome photos. Eight female figures, geometrical figures almost completely cover their faces. In their hands – also geometrical shapes. In fact, the difference between a  human being and a mannequin is lost, female figures are used in order to create geometrical compositions.

   4. LOOK HOW I CAN. It is the project with continuation; it is begun and now is developing. From photos the young artists look at us, costing everyone against his work. Their paintings deliberately belong to the abstract expressionism, some of them are associated with the name of Jackson Pollock. Artists` faces reflect thoughtfulness, self-depth, or the flaring enthusiasm. All authors are actors of inclusive theater of Ingenuous, all of them are owners of the superfluous

the 47th chromosome, causing the Down syndrome. F.Rifenshtal managed show how people with development deviations - children of the sun – cope with a creative task as well as the ordinary people burdened with logical thinking. It is seems to us, that this project is very important and considerable for learning the society to kindness and generosity in relation to special people.


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"Fine Art" Gallery was established in 1992.

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"Fine Art" Gallery was established in 1992. Director - Marina Obraztsova, curator - Irina Filatova. Gallery deals with contemporary art - painting, graphics, sculpture, photography, video installations.

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