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01 Mar 2016


Painting. 9.03 – 2.04.2016


Creating the anthem to the great goddess, A. Savko used his unique  artistic touch again, placing in space of masterpieces of world art (Botticelli, Velasquez, etc.) characters of mass culture familiar to everyone - these are protagonists from series and comics (Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Joker), from cartoons (Little Mermaid, Mickey Mouse, Minnie, etc.) and computer games. It is a kind of "import substitution". Of course, absurdist action of the artist isnot directed against classics. For a long time copies of great masterpieces have been spread around the world, they were used in advertizing, quoted by other artists. With the development of animation they began to wink at the viewer. Thus, in the opinion of the majority they have lost their greatness and became "socially close", they got features of mass culture. The artist is confident, that the piety to the great is lost. Human consciousness is full of bright pictures, dazzling effects, predictions and other nonsense of various sorcerers. Alexander Savko hopes: "If viewers have an ability to develop – than they will have an opportunity to see the primary source, to get acquainted with what has been initially put in this work, to plunge into the genuine culture and to see all wretchedness of these modern heroes whom they admire and which are an attribute of their everyday life. They will understand to what unpretentious and simplified world they belong".


   Eternally virgin wanton Aphrodite patronized lovers. She resurrected Pygmalion`s Galatea. Nowadays, the author tells: "Aphrodite's image could pretend for an absolutely new cult (know-how) promoting romanticizing of the simplified relations losing any poignancy. She must appear not from the sea foam, but from the sparkling foam of expensive champagne. The new goddess needs the new mythology, which has to be accordant to our time - bright and plain. Everything must reach the point immediately. Besides, the new goddess has to render protection to us when our passions and feelings are threatened. Suddenly the destiny will throw you together with the queen, and nobody foretells what may be happen between you at this moment. Aphrodite is obliged to protect both of you from the environment, cankered by conventions".


   Artist`s statements are full of irony as well as his works, the palette is consonant with coloring of  anime. The absurd plots, such as sinking mermaids, filled with panic, on a raft in the ocean ("Mermaids") can not only confound the viewers, but also force them to dig into the depth of knowledge. Author's compositions are so absurd and ironical, so it is easy to guess, that he is in opposition to the majority. As if he speaks – "I am absolutely from the other world / There Flora is dropping oranges/ There Venus is expecting to me" (G. Sapgir). So, let us go forward, Aphrodite is waiting for us.Hooray!!


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