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13 Jul 2015

While curators and art-managers were discussing a new exhibition, the gallery was occupied
by street artists and the gallery's space was changed radically and fiercely at once. The
invaders brought the sense of Moscow's streets inside.

At the centre of the exposition there are little bearded people in red hoods - dwarfs (art -group Zukclub, nominee for "Innovation" prize, 2014). The dwarfs live in the tower and oversee the territory to prevent it from angry trolls. Their figures are not ready-made they have been created by the artists of Zucklub among which Sergey Ovseikin, Artem Stefanov and others.

The method of visualization of Konstantin Zmogk is universal and the artist uses it for the walls painting as well as on the canvas. There are vivid abstract works represented in the exhibition - the dynamic flow of dark and light colors, flying feminine and male figures, interwined in struggle or passion. Interaction of Yin and Yang - oneness and contradiction of dark and light side of the Being, transformation of good into bad and vice versa, ambiguity of the influence of the past and present times on our lives - this is how briefly can be described the artistic work of Konstantin.

Stas Dobriy is a great simulator. Being very poor in colors, he uses only one or two, and these are the main colors of city streets - black, dirty brown and greyish blue. His instrument is a line - continuously moving and fluent, smooth and rounded or instead with sharp angles and fractures. This line creates many different characters living on the walls, and they are not just situated as a composition, no, they live like citizens. These characters are very simple, they do not have some parts of the body and their slap-jack faces have only 3 dots and a line, nevertheless they all have different expressions on their faces and look absolutely alive. Stas Dobriy represents 7 works with his iconic characters - simulacra on the decorated by him wall.

Vladimir Gupalov "Nootk" creates very crowded world of characters which can be associated with cartoon and comics' heroes. These dynamic colorful and black & white compositions create the impression of fast and continuous movement. Sometimes his works look alike with ones by Keith Haring. The artists also makes sculptural objects - grotesque images of street characters. There are 3 canvases and one art object by Vladimir at the exhibition.

Maxim Abramov is the youngest participant of this exhibition, he "went out to the streets" just recently. Maxim thinks that street art became a fashion item with no freedom of expression as some of the works are made for commercial causes and government's activities. He suggest there should be areasb in the city - 'zones of tolerance' - where you can freely express yourself and your ideas. The artist represent installation of two paintings and 12 sculptures (arms with different gestures). 

PART II. Project «LIGHT». The opening of the second part of the project will be on 22nd of July 2015

11am to 15pm at Kazakova street in front of "Gogol-centre".

Irina Filatova


Opening: July, 20th, 6-9 pm

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