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09 Oct 2013

"I am convinced that art is created by some divine powers by the hands wich are chosed by that divine powers ."

Eduard Gorokhovsky.

 Eduard S. Gorokhovsky (12.06.1929 ,Vinnitsa, Ukraine, USSR - 30.06.2004, Frankfurt on Main, Germany) is a classic of Moscow Conceptualism, a pioneer of the domestic photo-based art, participant of more than 220 solo and group exhibitions, his art works are in the collections of museums in Russia and other countries. The exhibition is named after eponymous painting of Gorokhovsky, besides it the other paintings and drawings from various series will be presented. 

This exhibition is the memory of the beloved artist, wonderful very interesting person. Watching of his art works is a dialogue with the gone master. His bibliography includes the names of the best authors who ever have written about Russian contemporary art, so let us recall some aspects of the artist's biography.
  The life and career of the artist is diversified. E.Gorohovsky recalled: "My earliest memories of drawing visual sensations have always been and remain for me the strongest. I remembered how I faint when I saw the picture, especially the art work… I graduated with honors from the architectural department of the Odessa Institute of Civil Engineering in 1954, but my architectural career ended after two years in Novosibirsk where I was sent to work. I went into a free, but risky swimming in the ocean called "art." I started from book illustration". From 1957 till 1990 Gorokhovsky illustrated more than 120 books. In 1956 there was an acquaintance of Gorokhovsky with undervalued Siberian artist Nicholas Gritsyuk, whom Gorokhovsky always considered his first teacher who opened his eyes to many things in art. The second important meeting took place in 1972 in the Creative House near Moscow "Cheluskinskaya" with artist Victor Pivovarov, who advised Gorokhovsky to move to Moscow and in 1974 the artist became a Muscovite. In 1973-1974 the creative concept of the artist and his own individual method were forming. It was manifested in the manipulation of photography pushing the photographic image with other elements, it takes an illusory space of photography into the plane of picture or drawing. In 1974 he painted oil on canvas for the first time, before he made only graphics. Actually since that time a phenomenon or on modern slang "brand" Gorokhovsky had appeared. He was a skilled craftsman and had all the techniques: painting, watercolor and drawing, etching, lithography, printing, collage, photography, object, serigraphy. At that pre-computer century the serigraphy was the way of introduction the photo into the final art work.
E.Gorohovsky wrote: "Twenty years of living in Siberia was a good preparation for the real understanding of the nature and objective of art. The realization came after his moving to Moscow in 1974 and meeting with the group of artists now known as "Sretensky Boulevard". The seventies were filled with intensive work finding of a new plastic expression. Constant communication of artists with each other, discussion of their art works, friendly discussion gave the results. But there could not be a question about any exhibitions or publications. I think that everything that is done by this group of artists (I.Kabakov, V.Pivovarov, E.Bulatov, etc.) is different unsullied purity and unselfishness. This art was truly free. Then, together with the perestroyka a heavy painful process of integration of Russian art into the world culture started". Since 1991 E.Gorokhovsky lived and worked mostly in Germany. About the work of the artist it can be said by his own words from the catalog of the exhibition "The Square, again the square", 2001: "... I somehow became convinced of the idea that a significant work of art has many degrees of freedom, and mediocre has only one. This is the timeless value of thing constantly giving impetus to thinking that provokes own judgment and interpretation". We express profound gratitude to the widow of the artist Nina Feigin-Gorokhovskaya who devoted her life to organize the exhibitions of Edward Gorokhovsky.

Irina Filatova.


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