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Живопись, графика. 7.07. – 27.08.2017.

   Итак, первый месяц этого удивительного лета пролетел незаметно, как сон, как утренний туман. Нам кажется, что его следующие месяцы будут не менее совершенны и разнообразны. «Время есть!», да летом у нас больше времени для удовольствий,  размышлений, путешествий. Этому необычному лету посвяшают свой проект ресторан «NAME», Галерея «Файн Арт» и художники: Тимофей Смирнов, Екатерина Белявская, Александр Савко, Иван Коршунов, Анастасия Кузнецова Руф, Александр Виноградов и Владимир Дубосарский и израильский скульптор Давид Герштейн. 

17.04 – 17.05.2017

Открытие 17 апреля, 18.00 - 21.00

Учредители: Директор – Марина Образцова, Куратор – Ирина Филатова

В апреле 2017 исполняется 25 лет Галерее «Файн Арт». Много это или мало? Галеристы полагают, они вступают в период зрелой молодости. «Файн Арт» - одна из первых галерей в стране, до этого галерейное дело не существовало вообще. Почти все возникшие в те годы в Москве галереи теперь исчезли, что говорит о трудности этого бизнеса в России. В действительности художественная Галерея – это даже не бизнес, а образ жизни, служение прекрасному, только так приходит успех. 17-го Апреля намечается скромный праздник по этому поводу в стенах Галереи, большой юбилейный проект состоится в 2018 на Гоголевском 10 в Московском Музее современного искусства.



Color photography. 13. 03 – 30.03.2017

"In the course of its history the human race made great success in the science of killing. Every epoch saw a lot of local and a few global wars" - Philip Riefenstahl.

Historic pictures. Painting, graphics. 13.02 – 8.03.2017

My memory takes me back to the magical world of the holiday.
Draw historical pictures /, covered with patina and
rust of time. Mikhail Yermolov.

The exhibition presents two types of work - miniature paintings on canvas and large sheets of paper with color graphics. Miniatures are made extremely skillfully, masterfully, they are aged on purpose, carry elements of “naïve art” and portray children in sailor suits or fur coats, toys, flowers, pots and many outdate objects. These are true simulacra of attributes of our happy past. On the contrary, graphic sheets are made in an expressive manner, through the background densely filled with brush strokes of paint, like through the mist of time or memory, one can clearly see an airship with the letters “USSR” on it, an airplane of pre-reactive times, or a squadron, as imagined or depicted by a very small person


Живопись. 15.06 – 15.07.2017.

Гулял Ванюша вдоль синей речки
и над обрывом раскинул руки
то ли для объятия, то ли для распятия
Александр Башлачев

«Взмах руки» - дебютный проект Яны Сметаниной в Галерее «Файн Арт». Работая в основном с фотографией, видео, графикой, инсталляцией для данного проекта она выбрала классическую технику – холст/масло и представила 9 картин.


The drawings and objects. 28.12.2016 – 3.02.2017

The new project by Timothy Smirnov includes 10 art objects. The author considers
where in everyday life people are confronted with the fact that works of art depict. The artist says: "In the past times images had a hierarchy. In the dining room of a Russian mansion portraits of heroes, such as Bagration, Barclay de Tolly hang, in the bedchamber hang portraits of the host relatives. Disgraced relatives were placed under a cloth, like parrots sheltered to sleep. And the closer to the kitchen, the more so called "ointment jar pictures” could be seen on the walls. What is the hierarchy in our time? After the "Revolt of Masses" by Jose Ortega-y-Gasset, it became clear that they all are pictures from the same jars. Well, almost all. There are no more pictures in the houses now. Not so long ago we could at least see calendars and pin-ups in lavatories, and what is there now?"


08.12 – 26.12.2016

The new project of Pavel Polyansky includes 10 paintings, and some of them besides the characteristic gray color, having heroes from anime, cartoons, and comics.

Painting. 14.11 - 5.12.2016

Plain and pure piece of paper! / White as a chalk. Not crumpled and clean.
For now, your surface is / Not touched by any hand (S. Mikhalkov, 1977).

This is the first solo exhibition of Fedor Petrik at the “Fine Art” Gallery.






Painting. 10.10 - 10.11.2016

The new project of Ekaterina Belyavskaya "Checkmate and you" includes 15 paintings. As always, artist's language is characterised by bright and colourful palette, and by fantastic and theatrical stories. 

"Fine Art Gallery" (the gallery of contemporary art) is beginning the cooperation with Helicon Opera. The first joint project is devoted to opening of a season of 2016/2017. In its context modern Russian artists will enter the space of opera theatre and create posters and applets of future Helicon`s performances, reviving traditions of a triumphal cooperation of leading painters of the Silver age with the main Russian theaters. The audience will see Alexander Savko and Kate Belyavskaya's works.


Живопись, графика, фотография, скульптура, видеоарт

04.07. – 30.08.2016

 Цитата — глубоко внутри

   Проект «Цитата» соберет 11 художников, которые представят произведения искусства, иллюстрирующие взгляд каждого из них на то, что находится глубоко внутри личности художника. А ведь именно там хранится отпечаток, некогда оставленный чем-то ошеломляющим: художественным текстом, картиной, музыкальным произведением, фильмом. Этот отпечаток влияет на творчество, дает художнику импульс к выходу за рамки собственной реальности. 


Timofey Smirnov

FRAMAntic or FRAME-antic

Drawings, objects, 23.05. – 23.06.2016

The new project of Timofey Smirnov includes 14 pencil drawings. Some of these papers are parts of the objects (Suitcase mood, Valentine, Door to Europe), but every single drawing are placed in its original frame. There are modern, antiquarian, made or painted by the artist frames. As usual, Smirnov`s works firstly please the eye, then set us to think about them. 



Painting. 20.04 – 20.05.2016

   The new project of Ivan Korshunov sends us to the country of Infancy. Portraits of objects are placed on the canvas as attributes of child's world. The gilded background emphasizes the

significance and the signedness of these objects - icons of childhood. I. Korshunov tells about his project: «The project discovers processes influencing on the formation of a child`s personality, and explores culture codes, laid deeply inside every adult, well-known from the early age. With the development of social networks, it became clear, that majority of people perceives the picture of a childhood  identically. Despite the social imparity an different professional and national distinctions, modern man, encountering one or the other culture code form infancy (whether it`s a game loved by all, a cartoon character or a famous song) - activates the recognition element. Moreover, a man recognizes not only the object, but feelings and memories, connected with it. In most cases, people, stumbled on a photo of amusing thing in the Internet, ask each other - do you remember how it was? Such questions reveal a lot of invisible connections between strangers, they are able to unite a large number of children and adults around some sentimental reminiscence». 






3. «9»



04.04 - 16.04.2016 

   Fine Art Gallery presents 4 projects of the young artist Philipp Riefenstahl. This is the first  pictorialist`s exhibition. He is 24, and he is full of ideas.








Drawing,painting, installation. 19.02.-04.03.2016

I devote this exhibition to all people hit with electricity in the past, in the present and  in the future - to all electro-theatres and all electro-boutiques - this is my ELECTRODRIST (A. Bartenev)


 The exhibition in Fine Art Gallery presents 16 pencil drawings of Andrey Bartenev of the А4 size and his installation. He draws every time, when his hands are free,and a place or a situation don't disturb drawing process. He considers drawing as a number of ideas giving life to his grandiose works, as a way of familiarizing with the world, as an expression of unite, isolation and privacy in it. Each drawing is animpromptu, momentary emotional and sensual experience, the flown thought .

The author says: "I simply sketch everything in my notebooks, and the consciousness is cleared. Again - youth within, infancy and a fine open country. And you can compose everything anew.It allows you not to die and keep such kind of curiosity to life".The hand conducts the interminable line forming abstract and figurative compositions. Threads flow, flexible and twisting,  pencil lines are broken with corners, geometrical figures and symbols, thus creating dynamic structures – the "body" of a drawing, placed in the white emptiness of a standard sheet.



ВЫСТАВКА "В ожидании..."


27.02.2016 – 10.03.2016


Галерея "Файн Арт" и G8 Gallery имеют честь пригласить Вас на совместную

выставку "В ожидании"!

Среди участников: Дмитрий Алексеев, Варвара Бахметьева, Лаврентий Бруни,

Валерия Кравчук, Татьяна Чернова, Дмитрий Шорин.



Painting. 9.03 – 2.04.2016

I was ruined by a silly woman from bar (G. Sapgir, The dying Adonis)

 Muse, tell me the things done by golden Aphrodite... Now then, everything has been said to you. You take note in your phrenes!(Homeric, Hymn to Aphrodite)


  The exhibition presents eight paintings, two of them are directly devoted to Aphrodite. These are - "Aphrodite, blin!" and "At the Mirror". Artists of the Renaissance addressed to the history and esthetics of antiquity, trying to make gods and goddesses of ancient Hellas alive and familiar to their contemporaries. In the end of the XX-th century members of the New Academy in Russia led byTimur Novikov urged to adress to antiquity esthetics,  filled new art with modern meanings. Timur Novikov thought, that this method will return to art its main function - to spread beauty, he believed, that beauty, which left works of art, continues to live in people`s hearts. And now Alexander Savko, our contemporary, invites us to step into the Aphrodite`s temple again. 




В тихий посленовогодний период Галерея "Файн Арт" приглашает Вас посмотреть сборную выставку молодых художников Галереи.

Начиная с 20 января, мы ждем вас в гости, чтобы показать Вам работы из запасников и рассказать о творчестве молодых художников.

Pavel Plyansky «The Arctic»


7.12.2015 – 9.01.2016

The new Pavel Polyansky’s project includes 12 works and is dedicated to a very fashionable topic, covered in various media, advertising, political shows, etc. That is the Arctic Region. The implements are the canvas and the acrylic, the tool is the brush driven by the artist's hand, the outcome is the work in artistic context. In Polyansky's works muted white color of the Arctic snowy expanse is absorbed by the soft, subtly nuanced gray of the summer air of the Arctic. However, the landscape is not desert. On the contrary, it is filled with flying and wheeled equipment, towers and other technical buildings swishing the sky and working-people bustling on the ground. It would seem that the artist has repeated the world of countless photos of the North development. No, he has not at all! The central figures are polar bears naturally scurrying around, penguins in black tuxedos and, of course, the girls who are the artist’s favorite characters. They are dressed in bikini, busy trying to catch scanty rays of the Arctic sun. The girls are nice; the animals are touching, especially penguins, which clean the territory from plastic cups. This idyll coupled with extraordinary visual expression, elegance and beauty associates with paradise and celestial bliss without religion means, but it is emotional and sensual. Nevertheless, pictures of paradise by Polyansky are pretty flavored with irony. Otherwise, why else the artist has moved the penguins from the South Pole to the North Pole. 

Timofey Smirnov

"Moscovskaya osobaya"


2.11- 28.11.2015

            The exhibition is a continuation of the project "Measure of value", which was started by Timofey Smirnov in 2011. Thereat the artist wishing to help humanity to find the measure of really great things which people have made in nonmaterial sphere (in culture, in art) offered utopian "money" as abstract as the money said to by secured by gold reserves. The artist sends in eight almost monochromatic works, but there is yellow color of gold on every canvas. 

The project "2ME" includes eight works. It has its name due to the duality of human nature. If at the first Moscow exhibitions by Dmitry Shorin corporality dominated, then now we can see the world in the view of the artist’s comprehending the philosophical essence of things. Being the exponent of modern consumer society with all the attributes of progress Shorin seems to have created bright sensual world with its natural sexuality, addiction to life and pleasures on his canvases. But at the moment he moves more and more away from his current himself, gradually going to the past. In this project Shorin speaks about the things, which are not comprehended empirically, i.e. creativity. In search of the artist's alter ego let us travel through his works.


Paintings, sculpture, art-objects and installation.

20.07 - 30.08.2015

Exhibition participants: Konstantin «Zmogk» Danilov, art-group «ZUKCLUB», Stas Dobriy,
«Nootk» (Vladimir Gupalov), Maxim Abramov. Project idea – artist Dmitry Alekseev.

While curators and art-managers were discussing a new exhibition, the gallery was occupied
by street artists and the gallery's space was changed radically and fiercely at once. The
invaders brought the sense of Moscow's streets inside.

SERGE GOLOVACH. Eco-Fashion. Animals.

12.02.2015 - 03.03.2015

"Fashion and Style in Photography" festival. Parallel program.

Fashion and photography, photography and fashion – these two are inseparable and always associated with each other. When we think about fashion the first images which are coming up in our mind are Hollywood stars, top-models, luxury outfits and glamour. Nowadays fashion influences our lifestyle, culture and art itself. Though, in the world made of steel and stone people get tired of hi-tech reality and tend to turn back to the nature in the search of the green grass and fresh air. Healthy lifestyle, good shape and fit, organic food and natural materials are very popular today. This is eco-fashion!
Photographer Serge Golovach introduces the series of 19 colour photographs. The photo shooting took place on the pharms of "AgriVolga" in Yarolsavsky region where organic products "UglechePole" are produced.
When you see these pictures it may seem unreal but camera does not lie. The harvest reaped in the field, the feed prepared for these cute cattle kids, the bulls looking outstanding with their shiny pelage like if they have just visited a hairdresser. All of these farm animals are captured on the beautiful landscapes of green grass and golden threads of straw. On the back of this view the sophisticated machinery is shown as an integral part of the modern milk farm.
These photos have perfect composition of the objects and are unique in style as all works made by Serge Golovach.

Irina Filatova

Anatoly Brusilovsky. About this...

9.03.-9.04.2015. Drawings, collages. 18+

Artist, sculptor, photographer, jeweler, exhibition curator, writer, collector, designer, the first collage artist in Russia, founder of body-art performance in the art world, society lion and mischievous story-teller, the first Russian Dadaist... This is not a crowd of people, this is one person – Anatoly Brusilovsky.
He arrived to Moscow having one little suitcase and conquered the capital and then the world. Today he presents series of erotic drawings and collages, the artist tells us "about this" – about the beauty of this life in all of its aspects, about crazy fantasies, love and absolute freedom realized in the creative work. This gives us not only ecstatic feelings but also transcends us through the time and space to the eternity.
Brusilovsky had very happy childhood full of love and beauty, he lives his life choosing the bright side of the road – love, admiration, joy, always ready to share this happiness with his family, friends and all people who are open-minded and eager for new impressions.
So, "About this" - it is about the art being free and being free in the art! Pliant and twisting lines shapes dynamic fantasies caught on the paper by the artist, this is like opening a new planet, new microcosm, its own world. Brusilovsky's pictures are sexually revealing and at the same time exquisite and aesthetic.
Men and women are making love with passion and enthusiasm. Hands, legs, bodies are interlacing in the fight that is how lovers are caressing each other. Similar to the Japanese erotic etching of the Edo time, some of the body's parts are exaggerated and genitals are evident to the viewer as in the traditional Chinese erotic graphics.
Faces are blank with only opened mouths on them. Figures are all over in fetters stretched to the pillars, but the sexual energy is so forceful and full of life that breaks lovers free from any limitations and chains. Freedom!
Collages made by the artist seems to be contradictory in its content: on the bottom we see couples enjoying sex (fragments of Chinese etchings) and at the top – the well-known leaders of Communist past. This disposition of the objects reminds the iconography principles where on the top of an icon – scenes in the empyrean, and in the middle – scenes from the people's life. This unbelievable combination creates a cue to the surreal Dada works and on the other side, it shows how it is difficult to comprehend the surreal actions of these collages heroes.
At the exhibition there will be artworks from the series "Zodiac" and "Chinese horoscope". These large scale works on paper are rich in colour, poetic and, of course, erotic. There will be also present works from series "Fetters", some of them were published in the famous anthology "Metropol" (1979).
There is so much said and written about Anatoly Brusilovsky and there is no reason to describe the artist's studio which is in the list of the best houses in the world and his amazing works in different areas of the art. He lives in Cologne and Moscow, works at the famous Gmurzhinska gallery (Switzerland) and remains strongly in the top-list of the 20th century artists.
Every moment of his life he transforms into the art and the art into his living environment. He was and is always free and this exhibition about this!
Irina Filatova



PAINTINGS. 10.04-27.04.2015

There are 9 paintings included in the project "Growth point" or three triptychs organized by the topic - parable. And according to the artist each painting and every part of the project is edifying, talking about the importance of some moments in life: "The integral condition of the person development is growth - spiritual, psychological, intellectual, etc." In the project "Growth point"
there is no stop in the moment there is a focus on the movement and the process of improvement.
Some people once satisfied with their current position stuck at a certain point while others continue to develop and move forward discovering new layers and depth in themselves and in the world around them. Some may find themselves overwhelmed by changes in the environment and forced to grow in an adult age. There are always ways to develop: open new sides of yourself, new shades and tastes of life, acquire knowledge in different spheres, open your mind and look out for new views not relying on the other peoples' opinions. Still you have to start the change from yourself".
If we compare the works of Anastasia Kuznetcova-Ruf from 2013 project "Don't miss it" and today's works we may see the clear difference in the chosen palette and plastics, showing that she is thinking about her own "growth point", her self-identification as an artist. In her past works we feel the space, light and air, there is not much of color used. Only one of the new works is visually related to the previous project - "Attachment" (triptych "Hairs"), where the usual triangle of our times - mother, child and laptop is described. The next painting "The haircut" shows women from the back with a scary knife in her strong hand cutting the beautiful long hairs, the light space is crossed by the heavy black line and as a result we see painting "The hair tail". The artist explains that she views the haircut for women as a way to start a new better life by getting rid of the hairs - releasing from all the negative in the past.
The memories of the childhood are captured on the next series of paintings: black soil with sprouts and a kid watching them grow ("While growing"); a table with white cloth, dinnerware, hands of an old rich men and colorful candies for a dinner on all plates - symbolizing the dream that came true but 'too late' ("The late time dinner"). "Don't live in the past, live now!" - reminds the artist.
A fragment of the multi-subject painting by Pieter Bruegel "The Topsy-Turvy World" is pictured in grey and black pallette in the painting "Collector": women's hand cutting one piece with a cute cat from this painting - showing that lack of knowledge and understanding often lead to destruction of the cultural heritage and values. While the curiosity and interest in the events of life open doors to an absolutely new reality like the artist shows in the paintings "The whale", "The clarity of vision" and "The undercurrent" with blue, grey and black colors.
So, this is new Anastasia Kuznetcova-Ruf! This project is very different from previous and it is interesting what is going to be next...




Свой новый сезон Галерея «Файн Арт» начинает презентацией нового имени. Представляем проект молодого художника - Ивана Коршунова. Это 8 полотен, написанных трехслойным методом, распространенным в Европе вплоть до возникновения импрессионизма: 1-ый этап – черно-белый гризайль; 2-ой – пропись сюжета цветом; 3-ий этап – нанесение тонкого красочного слоя лессировкой.





10.12.2014 – 15.01.2015


" Узнавайте все о сосне у самой сосны, о бамбуке - у
самого бамбука" Из японской поэзии.

Проект включает 8 больших графических листов 100х70 см, техника - карандашный рисунок на бумаге или холсте.
Настоящая выставка завершает начатый художником в этом году проект "Градация серого".




06.11.2014 – 05.12.2014

Проект «Любимый художник» автор посвятил своей профессии. Художник– центральная фигура каждого из представленных полотен,причем это–дама,молодая,веселая, без тени сомнений на челе. 


17.07 – 30.08.2014

Я и садовник, я же и цветок,/ В темнице мира я не одинок.
На стекла вечности уже легло/ Мое дыхание, мое тепло.
Осип Мандельштам. 

Не правда ли, одно лишь название (старинная игра в фанты) выставки
уводит нас прочь из повседневности в иное открытое пространство
счастья, веселья, в пространство Детства, Молодости – кто же не
играл в фанты ребенком на щелобаны, повзрослев, не столь невинно,
но зато остроумно и так же безудержно весело.


Painting. 9.06 -29.06.2014

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