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Shelkovsky Igor. Biography

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Igor Shelkovsky

1937 Was born in Orenburg
1954-59 Graduated Art High School named by the memory of year 1905
1962-66 Frescos and icons restorer for Moscow Kremlin for Novgorod Kremlin
1971 Began working as a sculptor
1976 Emigrated to France
1979-86 Magazine“А-Я” editor


1962 Cafe “Blue bird”
1977 May Salon, Paris
Venetian Biennale “New Soviet Art. Nonofficial perspective”
Exhibition of Russian artists in Tokyo
1978 “Dissidents”, museums of Lodi and Turin, Italy
1979 “Twenty years of nonofficial art”, Bochum Museum, Germany
1981 “New tendentions”, Elankour, France
1986 “Modern Russian Art”, Köln, Germany
1987 “Five Russians”, Toulouse, France
1993 “Russian Artists”, Luxembourg
1995 “Moscow: The Group”, “Newhoff” Gallery, New York
“From Gulag to Publicity”, Zimmerli Art Museum, New Jersey, USA
“Documenta”, Kassel, Germany
1999 “Transparence”, Institut Cochin, Paris
2000 “A Book and its Opportunity”, Claude Dorval Gallery, Paris
Gauronne Festival, Toulouse, France
2002 “Abstraction in Russia. ХХ century”, State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg
2003 “Moscow abstraction. Second part of ХХ century”, State Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow

Clara Maria Sels Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany (1990, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997); Holst Halvorsens Gallery , Oslo (1990); Forum Lindenthol Gallery, Köln, Germany (1991, 1997, 2000); Oliver Schweden Gallery, München, Germany (1995); La Base Gallery, Paris (1995); Centre Culturel Gallery, Elankour, France (1997); Weiller Gallery, Paris (1997, 2002); Delire en formation Gallery, Paris (1999, 2000); Cassandra Gallery, Drebak, Norway (2001); Karenina Gallery, Vienna (2001, 2002)

State Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow; State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg; Pompidou Centre, Paris; Zimmerly Art Museum, New Jersey, USA; Museum of Contemporary Art, Vienna; Georgy Kostaki collection, Athens, and so on.

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