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was born in the city of Kirsanov in 1944, and came to Moscow with the family in 1945. Sergey graduated Allunion University of Art in Moscow in 1983, and entered the “Committee of Graphic Artists” in 1977. He is a member of Moscow Union of Artists from 1985. Takes part in different exhibitions from 1967.


1984 – The Center of Computers, SAM (Moscow);
1985 – The House of Culture “Moskvorechie” (Moscow);
1986 – All-Union Cardiac Center (Moscow);
1994 – Gallery “Moscow Fine Art” (Moscow, since 1999 – “ Fine Art”);
1998 – Wiesdorf Gallery Am Werk, Bayer Museum of Modern Art (Leverkusen, Germany).
2004 – “Quaedvlieg Modern Fine Art” Gallery (Maastricht, Netherlands,
2006 – «Fine Art» Gallery.


1977 – Venetian Biennale;
1988 – “Labyrinth” (Moscow, Central Palace of Youth);
1989 – “Labyrinth” (Hamburg, Hannover, Germany);
1989 – “Exhibition of Soviet Artist”, Gallery Kostaki (Wien, Athens);
1991 – “Kunst Europa 1991”, Verein Kunstfreunde (Germany, Wilhelmshafen), Kunstkreis Meppen (Germany);
1992 – “Lianozovo-Moscow”, Museum Bochum (Germany); Gallery Karenina (Wien);
1993 – “Harmony and Absurdity”, Gallery “Moscow Fine Art”;
1995 – Kunstverein Halle (Germany); “Nonconformist Art of the Soviet Union, 1956-1986” - The Norton Dodge Collection (Zimmerly Art Museum, The State University of New Jersey, USA); “Russian Images 1966-1995”, Morlan Gallery, Transilvania University (Lexington, USA);
1996 – Collection Bar-Gera: State Tretiakov Gallery (Moscow), State Russian Museum (St. Peterburg), Stadt Gallery & Kunst Institut (Frankfurt/Main, Germany); 1996 – Gallery Reichard (Frankfurt, Germany);
1997 – Collection Bar-Gera: Josef Albers Museum “Square - Botrop” (Botrop, Germany); The Austellungshaus Bayer (Leverkusen, Germany); Collection of E.Nutovich, Pushkin Museum - Museum of Privat Collection (Moscow);
2001 - Markisches Museum der Stadt Witten (Germany);
2003 – Opening First International Museum for Persecuted Art (Asdod, Israel); 2003 – State Tretiakov Gallery (Moscow); 2003 – “Berlin – Moscow”,
1993 – 2005 – exhibitions in Gallery “Fine Art” (Moscow, till 1999 – “Moscow Fine Art”).

The State Tretjakov Gallery (Moscow, Russia); Museum of Russian State Humanity University (Moscow, Russian); Bochum Museum (Bochum, Germany); Kunstkreis (Meppen, Germany); Kunsthalle (Wilhelmshafen, Germany); Museum Modern Art of Bayer (Leverkusen, Germany); Gallery Clara Maria Sels (Düsseldorf, Germany); Collection of Bar-Gera; Gallery Kostaki (Athens); Collection Zimmerly Art Museum, The State University of New Jersey (USA); Opening First International Museum for Persecuted Art (Asdod, Israel); private collections in different countres.

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