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The patriarch of the French photo Marc Riboud was born in Lyon in 1923. Here he has arrived in the higher school, has made his first photo which has got on an exhibition in Paris in 1937. On the time of the war in 1943-1945 Riboud - the active participant of the French Resistance. In 1945-1948 he studies engineering in Ecole Centrale and works in Lyons as the engineer to 1951. After 1951 Riboud becomes the free photographer, and in 1952 comes to Paris where meets Henri Cartier Bresson and Robert Kapa and begins to work how member of agency Magnum Photos. Work in the Magnum – one of the higher recognitions of activity of photographers, Marc Riboud in 1959 becomes the vice-president of the Magnum across Europe, and 1975-1976 - he is a president of the Magnum.

In 1957 Riboud one of the first European photographers goes to China, and in 1968, 1972 and 1976 makes a series of the well-known reports across Northern Vietnam. Later he drives about on all continents, preferring Asia, Africa, USA and Japan. Reports of Riboud were printed in set of magazines, including Life, Geo, National Geographic, Paris-Match, Stern. Riboud was twice awarded by the most prestigious award Overseas Press Club Award (1966 and 1970). Marc Riboud's big retrospective exhibitions have taken place in 1985 in the Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and in the International Center of Photography in New York in 1988.. Photos across China were shown in the same place in New York (1997), in Paris – in the National Centre of a Photo (1996), in Pekin (1996, Musee des Beaux-Arts), in New York in the Museum of arts Metropoliten (1972) and so on.

As political photoreporter Riboud witnessed atrocities during war in Vietnam as from outside Vietnam, and from an american side, observed the Cultural revolution in China. To opposite it his objective embodied also the everyday life moments, game of solar beams, a charm of childish sports in streets of Paris. Despite an essential difference between art and reporter’s photo, Marc Riboud simultaneously is both the excellent press photographer and the remarkable photoartist. He not only has caught by his photoapparatus the major events of a planet, but has transferred a spirit of the time, the emotional and sensual world. Riboud has created magnificent portraits, city and natural landscapes, the genre pictures with refinement of the chosen perspectives and compositions. His photos represent a detailed picture of human life, human environment, in the centre – simply person, at the same time each character is individual in the destiny, experiences, microcosm in a surrounding macrocosm.

One of the most well-known photos of Riboud – the house-painter on Tour d'Eiffel – was made by him in 1953, then it had been published in Life. The house-painter reminds the dancer balancing between designs of a tower behind which Paris is visible through a fog more low. Marc Riboud has visited Russia, Moscow in 1960 and 1968. Some photos of Russian travel of the master are represented at the exhibition.

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