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Grositsky Andrey. Biography

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1934 born in Moscow
1959 finished the Surikov Art College (in painting), Moscow
1968 was admitted to the Moscow Artists’ Union


Nancy and Norton Dodge collection, Zimmerly Art Museum, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA
Gregory Gallery, Washington, USA
Trossingen-Volksbank, Klagenfurt, Austria
E.Nutovich, L.Melikhov, V.Patsyukov, I.Beletskaya, G.Osetsimskaya, A.Gleser, A.Zaripov Moscow
N.Blagodatov, St.Petersburg
E.Degov, Suren Melikyan, Paris, France
F.Schmorl, Berlin, Germany
J.Bar-Gera, Cologne, Germany
A.Yeryomin, Mainz, Germany
M.Foreman, New York, USA
P.Nowiczki, Warsaw, Poland
D.Sperling, London, Great Britain

Personal exhibitions:

1988 Troitsk, Moscow Region
1991 "Andrey Grositsky". Central Artist’s House, Moscow
1993 New Jerusalem Museum of History and Architecture. Istra, Moscow Region
1994 "Andrey Grositsky". Gregory Gallery, Washington, USA
1994 "New Dimensions of Reality" (joint with Herard van de Utelaar). A 3 Municipal Gallery, Moscow
1995 "The Wall of Alienation". Sem Gvozdey Gallery. Russian-American press centre, Moscow
1997 "The Life of Things". A-3 Gallery, Moscow

Group shows:

1975 "Exhibition of Works by Moscow Artists". Culture centre, Exhibition of National Economy, Moscow
1976 Experimental Group Show by Moscow Artists, 7-9 Begovaya St., Moscow
1987 "The Artist and Modernity". 1st Grouping of Moscow Artists. Kashirka venue, Moscow
1987 "Retrospective of Moscow Artists 1957-1987". Hermitage Amateur Society, 100 Profsoyuznaya St., Moscow
1987 "Object-1". 28 Malaya Gruzinskaya St., Moscow
1988 "Labyrinth". Palase of Youth, Moscow
1990 Joint with N.Kasatkin, D.Prigov, I.Shelkovskoy. Kashirka venue, Moscow
1990 "Towards the Object". Kashirka, Moscow
1990 "Washington - Moscow". State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
1990-91 "Alternative Art. Moscow 1956-1976". Moscow Collection Gallery,State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg
1991 "Washington - Moscow". Carnegie Library, Washington, USA
1991 "In de USSR en Erbuiten". Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1991 From the New Jerusalem Museum’s collection, Istra, Moscow Region
1991 "Railway". Exhibition rooms of the Zheleznodorozhny District, Moscow
1991 "Cultural Exchange. Washington - Moscow". Central Artist’s House, Moscow
1992 Group exhibition. Volksbank, Trossingen, Germany
1992 Group exhibition. RIA-News, Moscow
1992 From the New Jerusalem Museum’s collection. Cinema Centre, Moscow
1993 Group exhibition. Klagenfurt, Austria
1993 "ART MIF 3". Gregory Gallery. Manege, Moscow
1994 "Colour Claustrophobia". Cinema Centre, Moscow
1994 Moscow Fine Art Gallery, Moscow
1994 Exhibition of Socium Gallery. 11 Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1995 "Autonomous Art". "Le Chat" Gallery. Central Artist’s House, Moscow
1995 "Between the Flesh and the Sign". 20 Tverskaya-Yamskaya St., Moscow
1995 Alexandr Gleser’s collection. Private Collections Dep-t of the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum, Moscow
1995 "Art Without Barriers". 20 Tverskaya-Yamskaya St., Moscow
1995 "А 1, А 2, А 3". А 3 Gallery. Moscow
1996 "Dialogue of Generations". Venue as above
1996 Socium magazine’s gallery, Moscow
1996 "Avantgarde from Russia 1960-1980". Gregory Gallery, New York, USA
1996 "Nonconformists - Second Russian Avantgarde". Bar-Ghera collection. Russian Museum, St.Petersburg; Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany
1996 "Art in the Interior". Russkaya Kollectsia newspaper. Maly Manege, Moscow
1997 "Credo". Russia’s Culture Fund, Moscow
1997 "Dialogue of Generations". Art Museum, Yaroslavl 1997 "The Harmony of Contrasts. Russian Art of the Second Half of the XX Century" (exhibition-auction). Magnum-Ars association. PAX, Tretyakov Gallery. Russia’s Academy of Arts, Moscow
1997 "The World of Collecting. A Contemporary View" (from E.M.Nutovich’s collection).Museum of Private Collections, Moscow
1997 "The Art of Nonconformists from the Soviet Union" (Nancy and Norton Dodge collection, USA) Mucsarnok, Budapest, Hungary
1997 Art-Manege international fair (collections of E.M.Nutovich and A.Eryomin (Mainz,Germany). Manege, Moscow

Autobiographical notes:

I began my career (in the early 1960s) under a strong influence of Cezanne and our early avantgarde group "Jack of Diamonds". Those masters taught me a lot, helped me to appreciate the self-sufficient and autonomous nature of the painting`s surface, which was so important after the academic training at the Art College. Then I discovered for myself the ancient Russian art, the icons above all, with their penetrating spirituality. Much influence came from the constant study of great masters of all times and of our time too.

A sharp turn in my work occurred in 1968 when I left the well-trodden path for the tangled brushwood, as it were, and crashed through it laying a narrow track of my own. What I always kept was my keen interest in the object which grew deeper and steadier with years. The object is, in fact, my only means of expressing a philosophical understanding of the complexity and contradictions of the modern world, of man’s place in it, and of all that exists.

It`s vital in my creative process when "my" object appears to me, the image that I had in my subconscious mind before coming across this or that specific thing. Then I have a breakthrough, working tensely. I see a deep sense and a mystery in most usual, banal things. In recent years I`ve been interested in old walls, peeling plaster, old and unwanted implements, rusty pipes, taps, and so on. With that there comes a strange esthetization of those ugly (for most people) objects.

Many of my works give an illusory representation which calls for the use of relief brushwork helping the volume break through the surface. That results in a picture which is also an object.

It`s hard for me to foresee my own future development, but now a painting is to me a sign, a symbol, and an object at the same time.

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