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Vladimir Dubosarsky was born in Moscow in 1964
1980-84 studied at the Moscow Arts and Crafts School named in memory of the 1905 revolution
1988-91 studied at the Surikov Art College, Moscow
1994 was admitted to the Moscow Artists’ Union
began working jointly with A.Vinogradov

Museum of Contemporary Art, Avignon, France
Duke University Museum of Art, Durham, USA

1991 "Sculpture". Tryokhprudny Lane Gallery, Moscow
1992 "Decorative Art". As above
1992 "Tomsky". As above
1992 "Forgotten Photographs". As above
1992 "Sculpture and Painting" (joint with V.Koshlyakov). Peresvetov Lane, Moscow
1993 "Etchings and Ceramics". Tryokhprudny venue
1993 "Painting and Sculpture" (joint with V.Koshlyakov). State Russian Museum. Marble Palace, St.Petersburg
1994 "Picasso in Moscow" (joint with A.Vinogradov). STudia 20 Gallery, Moscow
1994 "Shady Park Walks" (joint with V.Koshlyakov). Yakut Gallery, Moscow
1995 "Artists Against Sex" (joint with A.Vinogradov). Manhatten Express night club, Moscow
1995 "Pictures to Order" (with A.Vinogradov). L-Gallery, Moscow
1997 "Artotheque". Contemporary Art Center at Art-Manege international fair, Moscow (catalogue).

1987 Autumn exhibition of graphic art. Moscow Artists’ Union, Moscow
1989 "Outside the Genre". Palase of Youth, Moscow
1990 XIX Exhibition of Young Artists. Artist’s House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1990 "Partaking of Culture in Leisure Time". Kashirka Gallery, Moscow
1990 "Before and After". Artist’s House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1991 "Monochrome - I". Architects’ Club, Izhevsk
1991 "Saturday Evening". Former Lenin Museum, Lvov
1991 "Gala Portrait of the Transitional Period". А 3 Gallery, Moscow
1991 "Mother-Cosmos". Propeller Gallery. 100 Profsoyuznaya St., Moscow
1991 "Form and Content". Tryokhprudny Lane Gallery, Moscow
1992 "Problems of Art". L Gallery, Moscow
1992 "Battle and Idyll". Velta Gallery, Moscow
1992 "Landscape". А 3 Gallery, Moscow
1992 "Interior". Tryokhprudny venue
1992 "Still leven". Velta Gallery, Moscow
1992 "Sorting out Relations with Arms". Tryokhprudny venue
1992 "For Abstract Art". As above
1992 "Humanitarian Aid". Tryokhprudny venue, Moscow; Institute of Contemporary Art, London
1992 "With the Left Foot". Tryokhprudny venue
1993 "Monuments: Transformation for the Future", Institute of Contemporary Art, New York, Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Сentral Artist’s House, Moscow
1993 "Modest Pupils of the Great Master". Tryokhprudny venue
1993 "Shopping". Konstantin shop. Olympic Sports Complex, Moscow
1993 "ART MIF 3". Yakut Gallery. Manege, Moscow International Fair
1993 "Ideal City". National Museum, Singapore
1993 "Exchange/Обмен". Moscow
1994 "Fluchtpunkt Moskau". Ludwig Forum, Aachen, Germany
1994 "Moscow Artists: New Outlook". Artist’s House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1994 "Exhibition in May". 20 Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1994 "Reproduction - mon amour". Centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow
1994 Cetinjski Bienale II. Cetine, Montenegro
1994 "Exchange II/Datsja". Almere, Flevopolder, Netherlands
1995 "Russian Beauty". Centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow
1995 "Kunst im verborgenen. Nonkonformisten Russland 1957-1995". Collection of contemporary art of Tsaritsino Museum, Moscow; Wilhelm-Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen-am-Rhein; Documenta-Halle, Kassel; Staatliches Lindenau Museum, Altenburg, Germany
1995 "Reproduction - mon amour". Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center "Nikolaj". Denmark
1995 "Trips Beyond the Horizon". 100 Profsoyuznaya St., Moscow
1995 "Zeitgenossisсhe Kunst aus Russland". Daimler-Benz Aerospace, Munich, Germany
1995 "Interregnum". Kunsthalle Nurnberg, Germany

Exhibitions held jointly with A.Vinogradov:
1995 "A Picture for the Reichstag". Hilgemann Gallery, Berlin
1996 "A Triumph". M.Guelman Gallery, Moscow
"Russian Literature". As above
"Bluhende Landschaften". Galerie Kai Hilgemann, Berlin, Germany
Project for the Russian version of Playboy magazine.
Moscow Fine Art Gallery
1997"Emtedankfest". Atelier Ester Freund, Vienna, Austria
"Austrian and Russian Literatures". Vienna, Austria
"Studies". L Gallery, Moscow
1998 "P.S." M.Guelman Gallery, Moscow

Joint participation with A.Vinogradov in other exhibitions:
1995 "About the Home". 100 Profsoyuznaya St., Moscow
"Animation Cartoons" (from Tsaritsino Museum’s collection of contemporary art).Kashirka Gallery, Moscow
1996 Moscow Forum of Art Initiatives ("Esthetic Relation of Art to Reality"). Maly Manege, Moscow
ART-MOSCOW international fair. L Gallery. Central House of Artists, Moscow
Art-Manege international fair. Moscow Fine Art Gallery. Manege, Moscow
1997 "The Latest Trends Section - the First Five Years". Russian Museum, St.Petersburg
Art-Manege international fair. Contemporary Art Center. Manege, Moscow(catalogue)
"History in Faces" (from Tsaritsino Museum’s collection of contemporary art). Samara, Perm, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg (catalogue)
"The Verbal Sequence in Contemporary Russian Art". Russian Cultural Center,Budapest, Hangary
"It’s a Better World". Sezession Museum, Vienna, Austria; Art Forum Gallery,Merano, Italy (catalogue)
ART-MOSCOW international fair. M.Guelman Gallery.
Central House of Artists,Moscow (catalogue)
"Moscow - Uryupinsk. To Russia with Love". Uryupinsk museum of regional studies
Moscow Forum of Art Initiatives. Maly Manege, Moscow (catalogue)
3rd Biennale of Contemporary Art. Cetine, Montenegro
1998 ART-MOSCOW international fair. M.Guelman Gallery. Maly Manege, Moscow
1997 "Artotheque". Contemporary Art Center at Art-Manege international fair, Moscow (catalogue).

1992 "All Moscow" (joint with A.Ter-Oganyan and A.Gormatyuk). Tryokhprudny Lane Gallery, Moscow
1992 "Futurists Appear at Kuznetsky". Artist’s House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1993 "Unveiling a Monument", Exchange Project. Moscow
1993 "Pushkin is With Us". Festival of Contemporary Art, Tsarskoye Selo

1992 "Interior". Tryokhprudny Lane, Moscow
1995 "Russian Beauty" (joint with A.Vinogradov). Centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow

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