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Biographical information

1965 born in Moscow
1985 finished the Moscow Technical Secondary School of Building and Architecture
1985-88 studied at the Moscow College of Architecture (city-planning dep-t)
1988-90 was a member of the Free Academy, Moscow-St.Petersburg
1990-94 participated in the group "Laboratory of Permafrost" (LP) jointly with S.Kuskov and K.Preobrazhensky
1992-93 worked as a designer for the interpretational art journal "Mesto Pechati"
1996 Scholar of the International Fine Art Association – AIAP (Unesco). Paris.
1997 Participant of "New Russian Classicism" Group, Saint - Petersburg
2000 Participant of F.P.C. (Front of Prosperity Calm ), jointly with A. Molodkin.
2002 Stylist of "Eurasia" Group.

Collections where works are held

Moscow House of Photography
Governmental Russian Museum Collection
Fine Art Academy by T. Novikov collection
Regina Gallery, Moscow
XL Gallery, Moscow

Participation in exhibitions and auctions


1991-92 Exhibitions titled in monosyllables "Op", "Oy?", "On", "Or", "Och" (meaning op-art, oh, he, uproar, ouch), staged jointly with K.Preobrazhensky (LP group) at the following venues in Moscow (respectively): Hothouse Gallery, Museum of the Revolution, "School" Gallery, Kalinin Museum, Museum of Paleontology
1993 "Easter" ("Insertion"). (LP group). "10 х 10" Gallery, St.Petersburg
1994 "U-87" (joint with K.Preobrazhensky). Regina Gallery, Moscow
1994 "Evokes the Spirit". XL Gallery, Moscow
1994 "Sterilization of Matter". "Obscuri viri" Gallery, Moscow
1995 "Jaws-2". XL Gallery, Moscow
1996 "Nizhinsky. Platinum Age". Argentine, Paris, France
1996 "Platina Aetas - 1" (joint with A.Molodkin).
1996 Galerie de la Cite, Internationale des Arts, Paris, France
1996 "Platina Aetas - 2" (joint with A.Molodkin). Salle d'expositions a la Chapelle saint-Louis, Paris, France
1996 "Platina Aetas - 3" (joint with A.Molodkin). Galerie Nast a Paris, France
1996 "Horsemen. Platinum Age" (joint with I.Dmitriev). Museum of New Academy of Fine Arts, St.Petersburg
1997 "La Lance de Wotan" (joint with A.Molodkin). AB Galeries, Paris, France
1997 "850". XL Gallery, Moscow
1997 "Night" (joint with K.Preobrazhensky). TV Gallery, Moscow
1997 "Platinum Age. A Fancy-Dress Ball" (joint with K.Preobrazhensky). Contemporary Art Center, Moscow
1998 "Children up to 16 years", XL Gallery, Moscow
1998 "Shape of the enemy", Salle d'expositions a'la Chapelle saint-Louis, Paris, France
1999 "SOLO" Gallery. Yakut. Rotonda. Moscow.
2001 "Novonovosibirsk", F.C. S. Group» ( A. Belyaev - Gintovt, A. Molodkin and G. Kosorukov ) Governmental Russian Museum, Saint – Petersburg
2001 "PAX RUSSICA" (jointly with A. Molodkin), New Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Saint – Peterburg
2001 "Samsung Night dream" (jointly with A. Molodkin) Night dream Museum of Z. Freud, Saint – Petersburg
2001 "Oh, sport, you are the world", "F.P.C. Group", "Personal Gallery", Saint – Petersburg
2001 "Novonovosibirsk", "F.P.C. Group", Architectural Museum of Moscow
2002 "Polus F.P.C. Group", " Salle d'expositions a'la Chapelle saint-Louis, Paris, France
2001 «Athens» (jointly with M. Rosanov) «Aidan Gallery», Moscow


1987 Exhibition of the Iris group. Peresvetov Lane, Moscow
Exhibition in the editorial office of the Technika Molodyozhi journal, Moscow

1990 "SAINT-PARADIZE". Exhibition rooms in Petrovskiye Linii, Moscow
"Individual Mythologies - New Images". Palase of Youth , Moscow
"From Woodcut to Installation". Palace of Art, Minsk
"Lines - Soft and Hard". Exhibition rooms in Petrovskiye Linii, Moscow
1991 "Monochrome". Kashirka Gallery, Moscow
"Agaspherus". (LP group). Palase of Youth, Moscow
"ART MIF 2". (LP group). Manege, Moscow
"Novecento". (LP group). L Gallery, Central Artist's House, Moscow
1992 "Diaspora". (LP group). Central Artist's House, Moscow
"Projects". State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg
"Mens sana in corpore sano". Festival of contemporary art. Central Exhibition Hall, Smolensk
"Art at First Hand, or Apology of Shyness". Regina Gallery, Moscow
1993 "Art as Power, Power as Art". Central Artist's House, Moscow
Presentation of the journal Mesto Pechati (joint with K.Preobrazhensky). Centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow
"White Nights". Yakut Gallery, Moscow
"New Territories of Art". Art Museum, Krasnoyarsk
"Two Museums". Sala Communale, Rome, Ciampino, Viletra, Italy
"Local Time". Petrovsky Bvrd, Moscow
1994 "Chicago International Art Expo". XL Gallery. Chicago, USA
"Victory and Defeat". Obscuri viri Gallery, Moscow
"Night of Art". Night club Pilot, Moscow
"Free Zone". ТIRS. Regional Studies Museum; Art Museum. Odessa
"EUROPA-94". Munich Order Center (MOC), Germany
"Marginal Zones of Art". Festival of Contemporary Art. Art Museum, Sochi
1995 "The Spirit and the Soil II". Kashirka Gallery, Moscow
1995 "Kyiv Art Meeting". XL Gallery. Ukrainian House, Kiev, Ukraine
1995 "Interregnum". Verlag fur Modern Kunst. Nuremberg, Germany
1995 "The Artist and the Model". Moscow Fine Art Gallery
1995 "Animated Cartoons" (from Tsaritsino Museum's collection of contemporary art).Kashirka Gallery, Moscow
1996 "Russische und Ukrainische Kunstlerbucher". Munich, Germany
1996 "The Sectrets". Patriarshi Ponds, Moscow
1996 Forum of Art Initiatives. Maly Manege, Moscow
1996 ART-MOSCOW international fair. Central House of Artists, Moscow
1996 1st Moscow Festival of Photography. Kuznetsky Most House of Artists, Moscow
1996 "L'Exposition". Galerie de la Cite Internationale des Arts. Paris, France
1996 "A Visit to the Fairy Tale" (curated by O.Sarkisyan). Contemporary Art Center, Moscow (catalogue)
1996 "Moscow's Art Studios". Berlin, Germany
1997 "Trends and Foundations". Manege, Moscow
1997 "The World of Sensuous Things in Pictures - End of the XX Century". M'ARS Gallery, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow
1997 "Art manege" 97 Manege, Moscow.
1998 "About love" Budapest, Helsinki and so on.
1998 "Photobiennale 98" Manege, Moscow.
1998 "Copies of King Solomon", "Tochka" Gallery, Moscow
1998 "250 thousand miles" "Yakut" Gallery, Manege, Moscow.
1998 "Third Moscow International Artistic Initiatives Forum", "Aydan" Gallery, Moscow
1998 "Solntsevorot Festival " Baltic House, Saint - Petersburg.
1999 "ART MOSCOW" , Central House of Painters, Moscow.
1999 "Art Manege" "Eurasia Zone", Manege, Moscow
2000 "Dynamic couples" "MGM" Gallery, Manege, Moscow
2000 "Eye Gallery", "5th Moscow International Artistic Initiatives Forum ", Manege, Moscow.
2000 "G. Osetzymskaya Collection", Exhibition Hall "Na Neglinnoy"
2000 "Photo Biennale 2000" Small Manege, Moscow
2000 "Kunstmarkt. Dresden" Germany
2001 "Savanarolla 2" "MGM" Gallery, Moscow
2000 "Eye" Gallery, Manege, Moscow
2001 "PARIFOTO", Paris.
2001 "ART Manege", Manege, Moscow
2002 "Parphenon", MUAR, Moscow
2002 "Narcissus", "Yakut" Gallery. "James" Boutique, Moscow
2002 "Photo Biennale 2002", Moscow.
2002 "Portrait", Fine-art Gallery, Moscow.
2003 «Art Fairy», Fine-art Gallery, Saint - Petersburg


1990 "Once on the Seashore..." (performance). (LP group). Moscow
Cable television project. (LP group). Moscow
Project "Audio-Visual Experiments Workshop". (LP group). Free Academy, Moscow
1991 "Bridge" (performance) (LP group). Krymsky Bridge, Moscow
Participation in International Vidio Symposium, St.Petersburg
1993 "Shopping". Konstantin shop, Olympic Stadium, Moscow
1994 "Swimming Pool" (joint with association "Fin de Siecle Art"). "Moscow" swimming pool, Moscow
"Artists Against AIDS". "Mayakovsky" club, Moscow
1995 "Ice-Cream - Art" (exhibition-action). Ice-Fili Co., Moscow
"Artists Against Sex". Manhatten-Express night club, Moscow
"Ubit-Neobit - I & II". Ptyuch-Club, Moscow
Project "Platinum Age. Multimedia in Russia" (joint with K.Preobrazhensky)
Kunsthalle, Nurnberg; Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin;
Ptyuch-Club, Russia's Public Television, Moscow
"Ubit - Neobit -II". As above
"Platinum Age. Multimedia in Russia", project (joint with K.Preobrazhensky). Kunsthalle, Nurnberg; Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin; Ptyuch Club, OPT TV channel, Moscow
2001 "Pervomay", "Esklimont" Paris area. France. (Curator Bugaev Africa)
2004 Decoration of 1st party congress "Eurasia". Svyato-Danilov Monastery, Moscow.

Curator's projects:

Creator of the club "Kray", April, 1st – October 1st, 1998

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